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Our Services

Mechanical Services

Efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are the foundation of a comfortable building. We’re a mechanical contractor in many respects, but that classification doesn’t exactly capture everything we do. In an increasingly commoditized construction market, Naphtha focuses on more than simply pricing up plans and specs. We aim to deliver long-term value.

Backed by a multi-discipline team, we perform a comprehensive diagnosis of your building’s mechanical systems before outlining a recommended course of action. Whether you have a need for repair or replacement, or you’re looking to explore additional opportunities to increase efficiency and performance, we deliver customized mechanical system solutions that typically result in cost savings. We partner with a wide range of manufacturers to offer an extensive variety of state-of-the-art HVAC products and equipment. Our professional service technicians maintain licenses and certifications, with strong backgrounds in the mechanical trades. We are committed to getting the job done right – the first time – because this is how we do business. Once work on-site wraps up,  we stay connected to make sure everything continues to operate as intended. We offer a flexible plan options to include routine testing and inspection, service and repair, preventative maintenance and emergency repair to give you peace of mind.

Mechanical Services include Hot Water Heating Systems, Under floor Heating System, Wet & Electric Steam, Chilled Water, Gas, Gas Safety System, LPG, Mechanical Ventilation, Displacement Ventilation, Kitchen Ventilation, Compressed Air, Air Source Heat Pumps, Refrigerant Air Con System, 2 Pipe & Pipe Heat Recovery, Four Pipe Fan Coil Units, VAV Air Systems, Building Management Controls, Leak Detection Systems, CO2 Monitoring, Acoustic, Commissioning, Air & Water, Air Cooled Chillers, Close controlled DX Units, Exhaust Extract Systems, Gas Fired Boiler & Water Heaters, Ground Source Heat Pumps

Electrical Services

Electrical services ranging from major installation, or rewiring, to changing over a broken socket or breaker. It is often a difficult task to diagnose a particular electrical issue without the help of a trained professional. We are usually trained to provide the best electrical and maintenance services, which may cost you a lot if you are unable to do it yourself.  Having vast expertise in the domain, we have been able to offer reliable and effective services regarding supplying and erection of street lights. As per the demands of clients, street lights in varied capacities are installed at different sites. Executed by experienced professionals, this service cost a little to the clients.

Electrical Services include Complete Electrical Contracting Works for Domestic, Industrial and Infrastructure projects, Service Upgrades, Maintenance Service Calls & Troubleshooting, Ballast Lamp Replacement & Installation, Motor Controls,  Fire Security & Alarms, Telephone & Data Wiring (Low Voltage Wiring), Tenant Improvements, Remodels, Solar / Photovoltaic / PV Panels, Lighting Retrofits, Parking Lot & Outside Light Maintenance


Plumbing Services

Plumbing services is the whole system of piping, fixtures, applications for providing water supply or drainage to the buildings with the use of pipes, control valves, pipe layouts, storage tanks, etc. Plumbing emergencies can strike at any moment, and they often come at the most inconvenient of times. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine call, our skilled and knowledgeable team is standing by to ensure your home or business is kept safe and comfortable. By dialing our number and scheduling your residential and commercial plumbing services with the professional plumbers here at Naphtha, you need have no doubt about the quality of work.

Plumbing Services include Complete Plumbing and Drainage Works for Domestic, Industrial and Infrastructure projects, Plumbing repair ,maintenance and installations services , Mechanical services, irrigation sprinkler system installation, Steam fitting and piping services, Lawn sprinkler installation, Drain construction, cleaning or repairing, Gas plumbing, Gas appliance repair, Hot water systems installation, Repairing installed plumbing, Septic tank installation, Solar hot water systems installation, Steam fitting and piping contracting services, Interior and exterior sprinkler system installation


Fire Fighting Services

We provide cost effective fire safety services and solutions in fire protection to all levels of the business community, which may include Fire Safety and Fire Detection Systems, Fire Fighting  system Gas,  Fire Detection & Alarm Systems,  Fire Extinguishers  etc.  Effective fire suppression is a multifaceted challenge that demands a wealth of products, systems, and knowledge. We have long been a leader in this vital element of helping to protect people and property. In fact, we invented the very first sprinkler more than a century ago and have been delivering expertise, innovations, and service to our customers ever since. We specialize in Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of vital and certified fire protection and suppression systems. Our range of products includes Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Suppression Systems and Spare Parts.

Fire Fighting Services include Fire Safety and Fire Detection Systems, Fire Fighting (Hydrant & Sprinkler) system, Gas Flooding / Suppression System (FM200 & CO2 Gas suppression), Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (Conventional & Addressable),Fire Extinguishers, Security & Surveillance, CCTV Surveillance Systems (Analog & IP based), Sound & PA Systems, Sound & Broadcasting (PA) Systems for Industrial & Institutional applications


Manpower Contract Services

Our comprehensive family of brands address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. Workplace dynamics and requirements have changed drastically compared to the job market a few years back. Businesses often need skilled workforce to deal with the ebbs and flows of the industry’s demands. We deliver Right people for the Right Job.

Manpower Contract Services include the following:

  • Skilled workers and professional Services for Oil and Gas projects
  • Skilled workers and professional services for Infrastructure projects  

Supply of Building Materials

Naphtha contracting Company operates a portfolio of well-known brands that resonate with builders and are renowned for product quality and reliability. One major area of wholesale distribution is the Construction Materials. The construction materials industry includes suppliers of the raw materials used by construction firms when building commercial and residential properties

 We are constantly working to develop new solutions and sales strategies to ensure our brands remain the go-to choice in building materials. We are always looking for new ways to offer greater value to our customers and to run our own operations more efficiently—and technology plays a key role in helping us to meet these objectives. We’re working to gain better insight into our customers and their buying habits across all our channels and brands. 

We supply a wide range of construction materials for residential and commercial construction jobs, we are the leading supplier of construction materials like washed sand, Aggregates of different types, varieties of bases, Sweet Sand, different sizes of boulders and Natural Rocks. The team members are highly experienced and dedicated towards providing complete satisfaction to the customers. We are well-known and acclaimed for supplying only best and qualitative products. Also, we have adopted specified grade standards of industry, in order to enhance the quality level of our products and satisfy our valuable customers immensely.

Project Estimation Services

Estimation of cost of construction is of top most importance before any construction can take place. Estimation gives clients a clear idea on cost and scheduling to accomplish the project. Estimating & tendering for Construction work also benefits clients to chalk up tenders so that they can precisely bid for tenders. 

Accurate estimating begins with the understanding that every aspect of a project has a cost associated with it. That’s why estimating involves listening to you, the owner, to understand your project goals, predicting costs by understanding market conditions, using supplier and subcontractor relationships for pricing and constructability, capturing cost history and communicating this information in a timely and meaningful way to the project team.

Our estimating department comprises professional estimators who specialize in one or more disciplines, including site, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. At least one of our expert estimators cover virtually every aspect of a project. We have well competent professionals who can merely depute all their resources and transform fundamental drawings into conventional drawings so that they can visualize correct cost of construction.